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Inventory & Packaging

At Jena Tool, we have engineering services ready and waiting to prototype your design, and design / develop your product or tool.

Perishable Components Inventory Management Programs

We understand that your tooling is critical to your ability to meet your customers’ production demands. We know that even hard tooling has a limited tool life. Wear and tear on worn out tooling can make your life difficult.  But Jena Tool has a solution.

Our experienced personnel can analyze your tool’s working condition and help you maintain the optimal tool performance throughout production, improving uptime and efficiency. The same approach we use toward our internal planned preventive maintenance program is employed when we manage your perishable tool details.

Once we have established a program, we will monitor usage of your critical tooling details, using online inventories as well as periodic on site physical inventories to ensure accuracy and availability – what you need, when you need it - to ensure your production needs are satisfied.

Inventory Management Programs

In today's global economy to be competitive you must be able to deliver quality products on time – often “on demand”. That can pose a few challenges, but Jena Tool supplies a solution! Reduce your costs and ensure on time delivery by taking advantage of our Inventory Management Program.

When you enter into an Inventory Management Agreement, we will produce your goods ahead of your demand, building an inventory bank for you to draw from as your production schedule and customers dictate.

This allows us to plan our resources more effectively, which

  • reduces set-up and change-over requirements,
  • promotes longer production runs and more efficient scheduling
  • provides buying power so we can purchase materials and components for less
  • reduces trucking and handling costs
  • reduces inspection costs
  • ensures on time delivery

We pass the cost benefits along to you and absorb any inventory costs. The ultimate benefit to the customer – in exchange for your long-term agreement – is the availability of your products when you need them, produced to the specifications you require, for a value-driven price. It’s simple.

To qualify for an Inventory Management Program, there are some requirements.

  • The project must have at least a 24 month life or more
  • The customer must be able to project the monthly and annual usage

Once you have that, the rest is easy.  Our production planners will meet with you and setup minimum / maximum stocking levels and work out an agreement that is beneficial for both of us.

Worried about what happens towards the end of the project? No problem! We work closely with you throughout the program life, monitoring inventory levels and keeping you informed. We can wind down a project very easily to where stocking levels are virtually zero; no parts to buy!

Jena Tool can also provide an online inventory management system that tracks your entire inventory. We developed this tool to allow participating customers to have visibility of our inventories, so they know that product is available to be ordered when they need it. There is a cost to use this system and we would need to quote you a price, based on the scope of the Inventory Management Program. You can pay for this service several ways, up front or amortize it. We have several customers using this system and they love it.

Logistics and Delivery

We will manage, schedule and route the delivery of your products to facilitate just in time requirements

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