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Lean Manufacturing Production / Assembly

Complete Turnkey Manufacturing

Save Time & Improve Communication.  Jena Tool is a company whose capabilities give you complete turnkey manufacturing from prototype to production. This saves you time and cost.

We excel in finding a solution to meet your needs. Sometimes that requires us to reach out to our large supplier network to outsource specialized processes and services, offering you turn-key convenience.

Lean Manufacturing for Quality & Cost Savings

Through the implementation of Lean Manufacturing Principals to manufacture your products, you'll realize quality improvements and cost savings that are measurable.  The process improvements, quality improvements, and labor reductions achieved through Lean Manufacturing are a direct result of implementing these Lean Foundations and Principals:

  • Value Stream Analysis
  • 1st Time Quality & Elimination of Waste
  • Workplace Organization & Visual Management
  • One Piece Flow Manufacturing
  • Total Product Cycle Time Analysis

Your Most Complex Manufacturing Requirements

As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company (see all quality certifications), you can count on quality first.  Applying our experience gained from serving a multitude of industries has proven beneficial to all of our customers. Whether it’s a complex metal stamping requirement, an immediate rapid prototyping need or an intricate medical device assembly, we have production manufacturing and assembly services ready and waiting to manufacture your product or tool — no matter how complex.

Manufacturing Services


Jena Tool has approximately 3000 square feet available for assembly and testing.

Many of our customers have us turnkey their projects from start to finish including assembly and test. Unlike many other CNC machining companies, Jena Tool can produce individual component parts and then perform value-added services, such as assembly to convert those parts and components into sub assemblies or final assemblies, and product acceptance testing in accordance with your acceptance criteria.

Jena Tool is equipped with the knowledge, people, and equipment to do assembly work ranging from:

  • simple secondary operations such as insert installation
  • complete complex assemblies with multi level BOMs and hundreds of constituent parts.

We use lean manufacturing concepts to eliminate nonproductive waste, ensuring the efficient manufacture, assembly and test of your product. This may require us to send our engineers, quality and assembly personnel to your facility to meet with your people to ensure a complete understands the product, quality, assembly and test requirements.

With effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in place, and our experienced buyers, project managers, quality and assembly personnel, we can coordinate a full supply chain solution effectively and efficiently, reducing your cost and lead times. Our quality management system and your quality requirements will guide us to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Quality Controls. Error proofing technologies are utilized to prevent potential defects from occurring and automated, inline vision systems provide for full inspection capabilities to segregate any suspect materials from the process flow, preventing it from ever mixing with acceptable product or entering into your production stream.

Our Manufacturing Process Engineers consider all possibilities when planning for production and developing a process design that delivers the best results.

Manual Mechanical Assembly

There will always be a need for manual mechanical assembly, especially in low volume or low technology products, where an investment in automation just isn’t practical. Simple secondary operations such as insert installation, riveting, adhesive bonding, crimping, swaging or other manual assembly methods are performed regularly. Explicit work instructions are provided and workmanship standards are in place to ensure your product is assembled correctly and evaluated throughout the assembly process.

Precision Machining

It Starts With Precision.  Finding a machine shop or production house might be easy, but finding one that can consistently supply precision machine components and assemblies is a different story.

Jena Tool prides itself as being an industry leader when it comes to precision machining and assembly. Jena Tool built its reputation supplying what our customers require no matter the complexity, size, material or quantity. We have a long history of satisfied customers who keep coming back to us for all their precision work.

Our highly talented and committed workforce continuously supplies parts and assemblies meeting our customers’ most demanding specifications. In addition to that, through our Planned Preventive Maintenance program, all of our precision metalworking equipment is kept in peak performance condition, calibrated to exacting OEM specifications and tuned to meet our rigorous requirements.

CAM & DNC Systems

Jena Tool has a diverse capability in Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technologies available, featuring both SolidWorks and Unigraphics, continuously updated to the latest available revisions.

Our programming Team is proficient with multi-axis machining, high speed precision machining, hard milling, and continue to receive training and experience with the latest technologies and updates available.

All of our CNC equipment is networked, enhancing communications between programmers and CNC operators direct to the machines; we have full Direct Numerical Control (DNC) capabilities.


High Speed Precision Machining

Through years of research, development and experience, Jena Tool has learned to apply high speed machining techniques to almost every project we do; it’s not just for ferrous materials anymore. Using a combination of the latest equipment with the following advanced technologies, we have mastered the science of high speed precision machining:

  • High speed processors
  • Higher spindle speeds and feed rate
  • Advanced tooling technologies, cutter and insert geometries, coating and programming techniques.

We are proud of our accomplishment – it has enabled us to remain competitive in this ever-changing global economy. High Speed Precision Machining has become second nature for Jena Tool.

Precision Production Machining

Years of experience with low, medium and high volume continuous production demands, no matter what the specifications or tolerance, have enabled Jena Tool to offer a broad spectrum of production possibilities. Using the latest technologies and equipment, our high speed machining techniques, and lean manufacturing principles, our production systems are flexible enough to respond to fluctuating demand while maintaining the high integrity quality our customers have come to expect.

Multi-Axis CNC Machining

With the availability of the latest equipment and manufacturing techniques, our multi-axis machining capabilities enable Jena Tool to provide the most intricate metalworking that our customers require, while maintaining efficient work processes that require less set-up or machine change-over. Multi Axis machining keeps the workpiece in one place to reduce handling and any opportunity for error. Fully programmable and compatible with all our programming software, we leverage our multi axis workcenters to yield the best results for you.

Hard Milling and Turning

Extensive research and collaboration with our qualified suppliers have enabled Jena Tool to become the premier source in the Midwest for high speed multi-axis 4D hard milling and turning. Working with major tooling and coating specialists, area cutter grinders, our SolidWorks and Unigraphics applications, we have developed our own unique inserts, cutter geometries, coatings and cutter paths that significantly reduce cycle times, increase tool life and stock removal while improving surface finish, eliminating any need for grinding and greatly reducing any need for polishing. What used to take hours now only takes minutes, providing significant savings for our customers.

Now materials as hard as 65 Rockwell C can be turned or milled to your specifications. Hard Milling tolerances are as close as .0003 inches leaving an 8 micro-finish or better. Hard Turning tolerances are as close as .00015 with a 4 or better micro-finish.

Hard Milling and Turning provides not only greater production efficiencies with superior quality results, but also compensates for the grades of steel and alloys available in today’s marketplace. Workpieces that are conventionally machined and then heat-treated can yield unpredictable results. The part moves, grows or stresses in unusual ways after the work is done, creating potential scrap or rework. But using Hard Milling and Turning techniques after heat treatment eliminates the potential problems that conventional processing traditionally creates.


Jena Tool, along with our strategic suppliers, has the latest equipment, technology and experience to tackle any of your conventional or wire EDM needs.  Our capabilities are rapidly changing with new equipment purchases for Jena Tool and our approved suppliers, responding to market demands for high quality, reliable EDM sources.

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